Which Cooking Method Retains the Most Nutrients

There are many cooking methods that act in different ways and have different effects of the food processed. Although every method requires high temperatures that change the structure of the food, some methods are better than other because they retain more nutrients inside the food. Here are the main cooking methods and how healthy the food resulted is so you can decide which one is the healthiest.


Many people choose to grill their food in order to avoid other cooking methods because this one manages to capture many nutrients inside the food, especially meat. Opt for a gas grill with several burners that create an even heat that makes the food juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Grilling cooks food in its natural juice so you won’t have to add oils. Opt for broiling when you cook on a grill, which is exposing the food to direct heat and turning it on both sides so it will be evenly cooked.


Most foods that go through the steaming process maintain most of their nutrients because the steam circulates through the food without breaking the nutrients and taking the good stuff out. Steamers that use high-pressure steam to cook food are great for those willing to eat healthy and tasty food with many vitamins and nutrients inside.

Cooking in the microwave

The microwave oven is believed to be not so beneficial because it uses microwave radiations that penetrate the food and break its molecular structure. However, it can turn out to be better than other methods because it requires less cooking time so fewer nutrients are being lost due to the intense heat. If you add some water to the food, it will turn out to be even healthier.

Boiling in water

Although this process doesn’t seem harmful, it’s the one that takes the most nutrients from food, especially fruits and vegetables. All the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the food go into the boiling water and are then lost when you throw away the excess liquid. Therefore, it’s best to avoid boiling fruits and vegetables. However, it’s good to boil meat because this eliminates the toxins in it.


This method is the least recommended because it’s the least healthy and usually implies adding high amounts of oil. If you fry meat or vegetables, not only they will lose most of their nutrients but will also absorb harmful fats that are dangerous for your figure and your health. Instead of frying potatoes, bake them in the oven and the taste will be as delicious.

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