The Health Impacts of a Summer Heatwave

Most people can’t wait for the summer to come, to enjoy the heat and all the wonderful sunny days. This season is without a doubt a fantastic one. It is very important to understand very good the following health impacts of a summer heatwave, in order to take care of your health. Therefore, have a look at this article in order to be well informed.


If people stay for a too long period of time outdoors, when it is really hot, then they could deal with strong headaches, which are without a doubt very unpleasant and they can affect your lifestyle in a negative way. Therefore, specialists highly recommend us to avoid staying in the sun for a long period of time, and if it is absolutely necessary to do this, at least we should wear a hat and take a sun umbrella with us as well.


By staying too much outdoors in the heat, you will certainly feel exhausted. This means that you will not be able to work or do anything else anymore. You will feel very tired, even if you haven’t actually done any physical effort whatsoever. Due to the fact that you will sweat a lot, you will actually lose an excessive amount of water and salt from your body, and this will lead to exhaustion. What you need to do is to stay indoors as much as you can, when the outdoor temperature is very high.


Staying in the sun for long periods, makes your body lose the water and other fluids that are extremely important for a normal functioning. You will feel dehydrated, and dehydration can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, you have two options, to stay indoors, or to make sure you drink enough liquids for a good hydration of your body. By doing so, you will feel very well, and you will not have to deal with this problem anymore.

Heart attack

This is without a doubt one of the most important health impacts of a summer heatwave, which you must take into account and find a way to avoid it, especially if you are an elderly person. It is a known fact that elderly people should not do a physical effort, especially in the summer when it is very hot, because their hearts are kind of weak, and there is an increased risk of having a heart attack. Therefore, elderly people should avoid staying in the sun, or walking in the sun, in order to protect their hearts. They should also get a tower fan, in order to make the indoor air more pleasant and comfortable.

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