The Health Effects of Endurance Workouts

If you want to build up muscle mass and strength, endurance training is without a doubt the best solution for you. But does your health benefit from this type of exercise as well? If you want to know the truth about the health effects of endurance workouts, read the following lines.

Growth in bone density

If you practice endurance training, you will build up muscle mass that will help your bones grow and develop. Your bones will have extra support and they will increase in density. This will help prevent osteoporosis. If you have people in your family who suffer or suffered from osteoporosis, you should start doing endurance workouts right away to prevent yourself from falling victim to this problem as well. As you train, your body will release spikes of growth hormone into your bloodstream. This will allow your bones to construct better density. Therefore, osteoporosis won’t be a problem for you. If you want to not fall victim to this health problem, buy a rowing machine or a treadmill for home use. By exercising with the treadmill or the rowing machine for about 1 hour every day, you will get the needed workout to keep your bones healthy and strong.

Improved immune system

Even the strongest of us can fall victim to viruses that attack our immune system every day. But if you practice endurance training, you will improve your immune system and be better protected from a large variety of health problems. This type of workout helps improve your immune system due to the fact that it creates extra proteins that are necessary for the production of antibodies and white blood cells. Also, endurance training is vital for those who suffer from chronic inflammatory disease as well because it has anti-inflammatory effects. This will be noticeable in muscle soreness after training as well. Once your body will get used to the intense workout, you won’t feel like you got beaten up every time you workout.

Enhanced metabolism

No matter how old you are, if you are unlucky enough to have a slow metabolism you will inevitably have problems with your weight and your health as well. As you grow older, these problems will be more obvious and you will grow big even if you are careful about what you eat. If you include endurance workouts in your daily schedule, you will add muscle mass that will burn the extra calories by producing acids that break down and expend the calories you consume. Therefore, you will actually burn the unpleasant fat.

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