Health Risks Associated With Elevated BMI

It is very important that all of us keep our weight under control, in order to avoid having serious health problems. We can easily do this by adopting a very healthy diet and by doing physical exercises regularly. For further information regarding this subject, here are the health risks associated with elevated BMI, you should be aware of.


One of the depression causes is definitely the obesity. Most of the overweight people are usually depressed. They deal with anxiety and they are quite unsocial. This definitely affects very much their life, and this is why they must do something about that as soon as possible. A healthy diet and a regular physical activity will have lots of positive effects. A body fat analyzer is essential, in order to monitor all the changes your body suffers during your diet, and to know exactly if you should continue with the same lifestyle, or to change it.


This is one of the most common health risks when you are overweight. Studies have shown that 130.000 people all over the world die of a stroke every year. This happens due to the fact that the cholesterol levels are very high due to your extra weight. Moreover, your blood pressure is very high as well, which is not good for your health at all. If you lose body fat, then the cholesterol levels, your blood sugar, and your blood pressure will be kept under control, and the chances to have a stroke will considerably decrease.


Excessive body fat can definitely lead to cancer. Fatty food can lead to cancer. Sedentariness can lead to cancer. Overweight people usually are sedentary and most of them consume very often fatty foods. Therefore, there is a very increased risk of developing cancer at some point. It is essential to lose the extra weight and therefore, achieve a lower BMI, in order to significantly reduce the risk of getting cancer at some point in your life.

Heart disease

You must definitely be aware of the health risks associated with elevated BMI, in order to keep under control your weight and avoid dealing with serious health problems. Overweight people definitely have a very high blood pressure and a high cholesterol as well, and these are also factor risks for heart diseases. It is highly recommended that people who are in this sort of situation, adopt a very healthy lifestyle in order to lose the extra weight.

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