Best Pillows for Allergy Sufferers

Allergy sufferers must be very careful when choosing their bedding, especially the pillow because dust mites and other allergens love to hide inside the soft layers of pillows. Long-term contact with these nasty allergens worsens the allergy symptoms and keeps people from getting a restful sleep, which is why it’s best to opt for an allergy-free type of pillow. Here are some of the best models that can ease allergy symptoms and create the best sleeping environment.

Bamboo pillows

This type of pillow is great for allergy sufferers because it’s a blend of only hypoallergenic materials that create the perfect allergy-free sleeping environment. The interior of these pillows is made of a shredded memory foam that provides both softness and firmness. The bamboo pillowcase on the outside makes the pillow even more hypoallergenic and caring for your sensitive airways as it keeps any allergen out of your pillow. The pillows can be washed in the washing machine then dried in the dryer to allow the interior foam to recover its soft and fluffy shape.

Wool or cotton pillows

Both wool and cotton are natural hypoallergenic materials made of healthy fibers that allow air to circulate inside them so there will be fewer chances to develop dust mites and spores. Although you might believe that wool and cotton make you sweat, which is a trigger for allergens, these two materials respond to moisture very well as they dry quickly. Cotton pillows are softer than wool, so choosing between the two types is a matter of personal taste.

Memory foam pillows

This type of pillow doesn’t allow dust mites to gather inside it because it instantly repels them and ensures a clean and safe surface for you to lay your head. However, the hypoallergenic feature can be destroyed if the memory foam has been treated with toxic substances, so make sure you choose one that doesn’t contain any chemicals. The best models are the ones made in Europe, Canada or the USA because the regulations of these countries in terms of chemicals use are more strict.

Latex pillows

While not the best choice, latex pillows can also be considered allergy-free if they are made of natural latex rather than synthetic. Natural latex is mildew-proof and antimicrobial so it can help you stay away from harmful allergens while you sleep.

Tempurpedic pillows

This type of pillows is made of a foam similar to the memory foam that can follow the contour of your head and promises to stay clean and free of allergens. The materials used in designing this pillow guarantee that dust mites will stay away and they react very well to moisture and temperature.

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