Natural Remedies for Stronger Eyelashes

Women with long and thick lashes are envied by many other women who can’t praise with their curved and voluptuous natural eyelashes. Luckily for those who have not been gifted with such beauty asset, there are many natural remedies that can help them grow long and strong lashes so they won’t have to resort to lash extensions. Let’s have a look at the most effective home remedies that boost the growth of new and strong eyelashes.

Castor oil

This essential oil has become popular thanks to its hair-growing properties that help hair get stronger and less prone to fall. Applying castor oil to your lashes and brows every night before going to bed will help your existing natural eyelashes get stronger and will encourage new lashes to grow. For even better results, create an eyelash growth serum made of castor oil and almond or coconut oil and use a cotton bud to apply the mixture as close to your eye line as possible.

Olive oil

Same as castor oil, olive oil is very efficient in boosting the growth of new hair because it’s a very nourishing and hydrating type of oil. The nutrients in olive oil reach into the roots of your eyelashes and help them become stronger so they won’t keep falling. This will help your natural lashes get thicker and longer so you will never have to apply false lashes again.

Vitamin E

Your body needs plenty of vitamins in order to stay strong and hair, in particular, needs a certain type of vitamin to become more resistant. Vitamins E is known to strengthen the hair follicle from the inside so hair will stop falling. You can add capsules of this vitamin to your castor oil eyelash growth serum to increase its efficiency and boost the results.

Petroleum jelly

This simple product you are likely to have at home can also help you grow stronger and thicker lashes with minimum effort. Just apply petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline, to your eyelashes at night before going to bed, making sure you don’t stick any into your eyes. Regular applications will result in healthier and more voluptuous eyelashes.

Green tea

Instead of using cosmetic serums and makeup removals, use green tea that is very nourishing and has antibacterial and anti-fungal effects on your eyelashes. You can either soak green tea leaves in warm water then apply it to your lashes or you can boil the leaves to make tea that you can use to wash your lashes.

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