House Sanitation Solutions for Chemo Patients

People going through chemo are extremely weakened and their body must benefit of a highly sanitized environment that will prevent further infections and complications that could endanger their health. This is why their homes must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in order to avoid the development of germs and bacteria. The following house sanitation solutions will guarantee a healthy and safe living environment for chemo patients.

Sanitize the dishes

The dishes patients use must be solely used by them in order to prevent getting a bacteria from someone else who has been drinking from their cup. Washing them must be performed under the highest sanitation levels, preferably using a dishwasher with a sanitation cycle that uses water at a high temperature so any remaining bacteria will be eliminated. Miele G5105SCU includes a SaniWash option that uses water at a 158.6 degrees temperature for the best dishes sanitation.

Clean the floors very well

House cleaning is a must for chemo patients and it’s best that someone else will take care of this aspect so the patients in cause will not get into contact with the germs and dust. The floors must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using a special solution that will not irritate the airways of the patients. For the ultimate floor cleaning, you can use a robot vacuum with UV sterilization that leaves the floors sparkling clean. RolliBot BL618 does a great job in cleaning the floors, capturing all the dirt, and killing bacteria with the UV sanitation light feature.

Sanitize the clothes

The clothes and sheets must be very well washed in order to prevent dust mites and bacteria reaching into the fibers. Always use high-temperature water and set the washing machine to a long washing cycle for a deep cleaning. Once the linens and clothes have been washed, you can go to the sanitation process that can be performed using a clothes steamer like the Jiffy J-2000 that is one of the SteamerClothing best picks and for good reason. The powerful hot steam can even penetrate the mattress and it will kill any germ existing on the fabrics in the house. Jiffy J-2000 steamer provides 1.5 hours of hot steam so you can sanitize every inch of the house and is very comfortable to use.

Remove air impurities

The indoor air is extremely important when it comes to maintaining a safe and clean living environment for a chemo patient. Given the amounts of air impurities that can cause allergies and infections, it’s best to use an air purifier that gets rid of all those life-threatening contaminants. Increase the indoor air quality with the BlueAir HEPA silent air purifier that can remove up to 99.97% of the air impurities for the cleanest home.

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