Common Indoor Contaminants that Trigger Your Allergies

Allergic people are without a doubt very sensitive, and they must do everything they can in order to have a clean and safe environment in their homes. Otherwise, their condition might worsen, and this could affect them a lot. For further information, take a look at the following common indoor contaminants that trigger your allergies.


Mold is without a doubt one of the most common indoor contaminants that trigger your allergies. In most homes, mold develops in bathrooms or kitchens, due to the fact that those are the rooms with a high humidity level. However, it can also develop in other rooms, especially if you use to dry your clothes indoors. When all the harmful spores are released into the indoor air, and inhaled by you, they can cause serious health problems. First of all, your respiratory system is affected, and then you can deal with serious lung problems as well. Your skin and your eyes could be irritated, and they can also become itchy. Due to these reasons, you will not be able to sleep very well at night either, and therefore, all your life will be affected. It is essential that you do something in order to solve the problem with the mold, in order to take care of your health. A good way to obtain the desired result would be to purchase one of the best units available on the market these days, that will keep a right level of humidity in your house. Dehumidifiers are the most recommended devices, due to the fact that they do an amazing job.

Tobacco smoke

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who smoke indoors, and this can obviously affect them and the ones around them as well. It is highly recommended to smoke outdoors, if it is possible, in order to take care not only of your health but of your family’s health too. Even if you keep the door or the window open while you smoke, some of the harmful contaminants from the smoke will still remain in the indoor air, and this will certainly affect you. Another great thing you can do, for a cleaner indoor air, would be to get an air purifier. Air purifiers do a fantastic job, as they can eliminate the harmful contaminants from the indoor air. Moreover, they leave the air fresh and easy to breathe.

Dust mite

It is very important to make sure you have a 100% safe mattress. It is not important to get only a comfortable mattress, but one that will not affect your health as well. Some of the mattresses, especially the ones that are chemically treated can release a bad odor into the air, and this will certainly be very harmful to allergic people. The dust mite is a very common indoor contaminant that can worsen your allergies, and it can develop in your mattress. This means that you will be very close to it, and by inhaling this contaminant, your health will be affected. This is why it is highly recommended to get a 100% organic mattress.

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