Can Tap Water Make You Sick?

As you probably already know, tap water is not as healthy as lots of people think it is. The water from our homes is actually contaminated with bacteria, chlorine, and so on. Can tap water make you sick? Lots of people are asking themselves this question these days. If you ask yourself the same thing, then this article will certainly provide you the desired information.

Before you actually do anything, you must test it

Before you actually take precautions, you must test the tap water in your home and see exactly if it is contaminated. In case it is, you will need to know exactly what contaminants are in the water, in order to know exactly what type of device to take in order to eliminate all those harmful contaminants. Testing your tap water is not complicated at all. You can do it yourself by using a test kit bought from the specific shops. If you do not want to do it yourself, you also have the option to call a professional. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do the test and have the desired result.

What does tap water from these days contain, and how can affect you?

Can tap water make you sick? Let’s find out the answer to this question. These days, tap water from most homes contain chlorine, which is actually a municipal additive, which can affect very much your health. Chlorine is a powerful disinfectant, which can be very toxic to our bodies. Specialists have linked chlorine with rectal and kidney cancers, bladder, and respiratory illness, such as asthma. Furthermore, your skin and hair could also be affected, and you can deal with gastric problems as well. Other contaminants that have been found in the tap water are lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, pesticide residues, and pharmaceutical residues as well. All these harmful contaminants can also cause you headaches and depression. You will also deal with a low concentration, low energy, fatigue, and poor memory as well. As you can see, your health can definitely be affected by a regular consumption of infested tap water.

How can you improve the quality of your tap water?

It is actually very easy to do this. What you must do is to install a water filter. You can either purchase an under counter water filter, or you could install a whole house unit, in order to be provided with a clean water in the entire home. We advise you to opt for an Aquasana whole house water filter. If you take a look at the Aquasana whole house water filter ratings, you will see that these systems remove most of the chlorine found in tap water as well as a wide range of other contaminants. With an Aquasana whole house filtration system, most, if not all the contaminants will be removed, and this way, your health will be protected.

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