Can Household Mold Make You Sick?

Unfortunately, there are lots of homes that have mold due to the fact that there is an improper humidity level. Owners must know what to do in this sort of situations, in order to avoid having health problems. Can household mold make you sick? If you are asking yourself this question, then by reading this article, you will certainly find the answer to your question.

Mold and your health

Can household mold make you sick? If you are asking yourself this question, then what you must know is that molds are those tiny organisms that are actually found everywhere. They can have different colors, such as orange, purple, green, or white. When it comes to outdoors, that’s the place where mold plays a very important role, due to the fact that it breaks down dead leaves, trees, and plants as well. It thrives on moisture, and it reproduces easily by means of small and lightweight spores that can travel with ease through the air. On the other hand, when it grows indoors on a surface, mold can be released with ease into the indoor air and inhaled by the inhabitants of that house.

When the humidity level is not kept under control in a house, mold starts to develop, especially in the rooms with moisture, like your bathroom or your kitchen. If this happens, your health will definitely be soon affected, and you can have serious respiratory problems. Mold can make you sick, especially if you suffer from asthma or if you have allergies. Moreover, it can cause you skin, eye, nose, and throat irritations.

People who deal with serious mold allergies can have a severe reaction, and their condition can worsen. Those who have asthma can deal with frequent asthma attacks if they live in a house with mold. Elderly people, infants, children, people with a very low immune system, and those with a chronic lung disease, are without a doubt very sensitive, and therefore, more prone to be affected by mold. However, it is very important to solve this sort of problem, and you can do this by getting a dehumidifier. With a device like this, you will keep under control the humidity in your home, and you will definitely get rid of the unpleasant mold, which can be so dangerous to your health. For small to medium sized rooms, choose a 50 pint dehumidifier, whereas if you need the dehumidifier to cover a bigger area, make sure it has at least a 70 pint capacity. For basements make sure to choose a dehumidifier with anti-frost properties, as the basement is colder than the rest of your home.

If you can’t afford a high capacity dehumidifier, you can get a smaller, 50 pint dehumidifier, provided that you move it around the house to cover all problem areas. Therefore, do not hesitate and get one of the best units of this type, in order to obtain a wonderful result. Even if a quality dehumidifier is expensive, a device like this definitely worth every penny.

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